Thailand CCH CNC bending machine procurement case

Q11K-10*8000 hydraulic gate shearing machine was purchased by CCH purchased in 2016, which is used in raw materials before street lamps and towers are bent. After half a year of use, the first-line operator feedback the device is simple, fast, accurate and easy to maintain.

CCH also purchased an 800T/8000 four-cylinder linkage 4-axis CNC bending machine from our company in April 2017, which is applicable to a variety of electrical products. This large CNC linkage bending machine is equipped with high-precision automatic feeding to solve the handling and pushing of the operator during use.

After 2 months of production, our offshore installation engineers completed the installation and commissioning work with CCH, and showed customers a variety of product bends on site.CCH’s frontline workers said: “This large-scale The CNC bending machine not only completed the forming ability of street light poles, high pole lights, power pole towers, and communication towers but also greatly improved the efficiency of our work. What used to take two days, now takes only one.”

Founded in 2002, ADH specializes in bending machines, shears, laser cutting machines, coiling machines,and CNC punching machines for 17 years and has been working hard to provide customers with effective, precise and valuable sheet metal forming solutions.

  • CLIENT Thailand CCH
  • YEAR April 2017