India Everest Shearing Machine Procurement Case

India is one of our key markets for shearing machines and we maintain close and friendly relations with the largest users there.

India Everest Industries Ltd is a multi-sector conglomerate whose main products are widely used in steel structure plants. From Kuwait’s Al Hamra Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world, to Mumbai’s international airport, our products are left on architectural landmarks. Not only that, but Everest’s construction products also offer the best solutions for customers in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Everest, which has been making corrugated roof panels for rural shelters since 1934, has expanded to include roofs, ceilings, walls, floors and cladding as well as a full range of prefabricated steel structures.”Green building” is a concept promoted by Everest products, which constantly improves its technology and optimizes details. It has 38 sales warehouses, 14 offices, and more than 6,000 outlets in more than 100,000 villages and 600 cities.

In May 2017, Everest came to visit our company. He was a vegetarian and didn’t like the food in the restaurant, so we invited him to our home and made his own Indian roti prata. Then we went to Liyang and Huzhou to check the use of the shearing machines. A 3-year old 25*6000 shearing machines was in good condition. We demonstrated the operation process to him on site and tested the machine. After three months of production, the goods were successfully delivered, and the commissioning was completed in July 2018.

  • CLIENT India Everest Industries Ltd
  • YEAR July 2018